Smythe is the preaching and writing site of Peter Smythe. Here you'll find a stout gospel, one that emphasizes the believer's identification with Christ in his death, burial, and resurrection, and life in the Spirit.

Podcasts, Print, and Digital Exhaustion

Last December, when we decided to launch an independent Christian magazine, we gave ourselves a year to get it done. Here at the six-month mark we've accomplished quite a lot, but we still have much more to do. Looking at my calendar, I still have eight locales to visit before the end of November and a couple involve overseas travel. Given all that we still have to do, we've decided to limit our future output to podcasts and print. That said, we've moved virtually all of our podcasts to the Breath website. I had said before that we'd continue publishing them here, but we decided that it'd be better to publish everything under one roof. I hope to add at least one a month, starting in July.

We'll be turning into a personal photo site pretty soon. If you'd like to keep up on our new work, I suggest you sign up for the Breath newsletter. We plan to start sending out newsletters in the fall. 

Breath's Site is Live