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Photographic Challenges

I think in some ways . . . it can be easier to achieve stronger imagery [than words]. Because as much as some photographers may hate me for saying this, when you have a stunning subject matter, well, the shoot becomes that much “easier” to make beautiful in the traditional sense . . . .
— Rosa Park

Traipsing around indie-magazine land, you quickly discover who the major players are. One of them is Cereal. Rosa Park and Rich Stapleton launched Cereal back in 2012 as an upscale food and travel magazine. Cobbling together an inaugural issue about carrots, North Carolina, and Ravello, Italy, with a print run of just 1,500 copies, they had no idea just how successful their little startup would turn out to be. Today, just over four years later, Cereal boasts a subscription base of more than 40,000 and the two are already leveraging that growth into other publishing ventures, such as photography books. 

Question is, what was key to this rocket-like success? summarized it this way:

Distinctive in its simplicity and singular vision, Cereal has struck a chord with readers for its highly curated content and stunning photography.

While people gush over Cereal's minimalist design, the driving factor behind its cult-like following has really been its "stunning photography." And since its launch, Cereal has gone even more upscale, covering hotels like the Bellemont Farm in St. Kitts and Chateau Marmont in Hollywood and delving into luxury designers such as John Pawson and Margaret Howell.  As Park acknowledges, stunning photography isn't so hard when you have stunning subject matter. (See Cereal's photo gallery here.)

And therein lies the challenge for Breath. As you read in my last post, a couple of weeks ago we drove to Groesbeck, Texas, for one of our Breath articles. Groesbeck wasn't stunning. This week I road tripped it to a beach for a different article. This is what met me when I got there. 


Here is another angle of some of our "stunning" subject matter.

We have our work cut out for us, don't we? 

Note: You'll be surprised to see what we were able to accomplish at this beach once Breath No. 1 comes out. 


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