Breath Vol. 1 is Available for Preorder

Breath Vol. 1

Breath Vol. 1

My wife and I went on a vacation to New Zealand last November. We were lucky to nab two open spots on the Milford Sound hike and were able to change up our schedules to accommodate being gone for two solid weeks. We hadn't taken off for more than five days before then. 

While packing for the trip, I went to Amazon and bought a number of books to download on my Kindle. One of them was The Revenge of Analog. David Sax's book is all about people ditching their virtual digital worlds, and heading back to things such as film, vinyl records, and paper. What caught my attention while flying over the Pacific was his chapter on independent magazines. I had no idea that digital technology had provided the platform for even single individuals to start a paper magazine. We did the hike, but practically all we talked about during the trip was starting a magazine. 

When we got back to the States, we gave ourselves a year to do the legwork to start our own independent magazine. We decided that we'd call it Breath after Job 32:8. 

Yesterday we made our first volume of Breath available for preorder. There isn't anything like it in the market today. Click here to read a description and see a few of the spreads. In an article entitled, The Rise and Fall of the Christian Bookstore, Jonathan Merritt writes that the demise of Christian bookstores will actually raise the bar in Christian writing. You have to look no further than our startup to see that his prophecy is true.

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