At the Table

A couple of years ago now, my wife and I drove over to Zera Coffee in Denton, Texas. Zera is a volunteer-staffed shop that supports a church in town. While ordering a cappuccino, I asked the kid manning the register who it was that was playing over the radio. He said, "Josh Garrels. He's the best." Josh has since become one of our favorite singer/songwriters. We play his songs on our stereo at home practically 24/7.

The funny thing is, virtually none of our Christian friends had ever heard of Josh. That's too bad because, as my wife says, "He doesn't just sing. He preaches the Word." If you've never heard of him, let me introduce you to him through this YouTube video. At the Table is a big favorite. You can hear his most popular album, Love & War & the Sea In Between, on iTunes here

Josh is coming to Dallas on December 8th for his Christmas tour. If you're going to be in the Dallas area around that time, you can still score some tickets. We're not going to miss it.

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