State of Smythe – May

Here's the State of Smythe for the month of May.

Subscriber Base

We're still pretty small, but our month-over-month numbers have continued to increase since July of last year. One thing that we learned is that Facebook exposure doesn't do much of anything. We boosted a few of our podcast posts, and Facebook reported all kinds of likes and reaches and engagements, but none of them resulted in tangible results.  Lesson learned.


We republished The Meaning of Faith because of some deadlines at work that I had to meet last week. We'll likely intersperse some older messages among new ones during the summer months. What's more important, at least in my mind, is that we released Not Abandoned in Hades. If you listened to it, you know that sermon deals with Holy Saturday, the spiritual sufferings of Christ, and demonstrates how certain psalms are actually prophetic echoes of those sufferings. We're not sure if anyone has gone that deep before. While Hans Urs von Balthasar writes in Mysterium Paschale about Christ's sufferings and recognizes Jonah as a prophetic sign of those sufferings, he doesn't speak to the significance of the echoes of psalms found in Jonah's prayers. (I do recommend his book, by the way. It's not an easy read, but well worth the effort.)

Gospelooza Meetings – Texas

We've enlisted a few folks for meetings starting in August. We expect to publish the messages in these meetings here. The first few, I suspect, will be about healing. 

Tax-Exempt Status

We're moving forward to obtain tax-exempt status. We've had two ministers accept director positions to the non-profit ministerial corporation. I plan on personally meeting with them before filing the requisite corporate paperwork. I absolutely loathe corporate formalities (can you imagine John the Baptist Ministries, Inc.?), but they seem to be a necessary evil in these days of professional ministry.

As always, we appreciate any comments or suggestions. 

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